This is a guide to how to sell your story to newspapers and magazines worldwide.

Sell Your Stort to Newspapers and Magazines

This site deals with how people can sell their true life story to newspapers and magazines. If you have a novel, poem, or work of fiction this is NOT the right place for you. Instead you should approach publishers for this kind of work who can be located via search engines such as

If you have a true story which you wish to tell to receive money and or to gain publicity for a cause or charity, or just simply to get something off your chest, then read on.

The true life stories magazines and newspapers are looking for are varied and include true health stories , true love stories amusing animal stories and many more. Just take a look at the daily newspapers and magazines at any news agent.

It can be a little confusing to an individual on how to go about selling their story so here are the basic options.

Option One

Contact an individual independent journalist who can arrange for your story to be sold to a range of publications on an exclusive or non exclusive basis depending on your wishes. This has the advantage of being a more personal service which is free to you and often suits those who have had no previous experience with the media.

Look for an individual with some customer feedback which is positive and who doesn't promise the earth but offers a FREE service to you.

Lucy Laing Freelance Journalist

Remember these options are all open to you but whichever one you take, be honest. If you have ever sold your story before then say so, as all publications do library checks to see if the story has been published before. Also which ever one you choose don't try to go with more than one publication at a time as most publications will want your story on an exclusive basis - that's why they pay you the money.

Also remember stories are very rarely undertaken on an anonymous basis and you will be expected to agree to be named and photographed. Ask the photographer if you can have a copy of the photos this can usually be arranged with the independents and at least you will get some free professional images of you and family if the story doesn't sell !

Option Two

Go to an News Agency who may sell your story to several to a number of publications both UK and overseas.

REX Features

Option Three

Go direct to the Newspaper such as below.

The Sun
The Mirror
The Times

The plus side is you can choose which Publication to approach and ask for an exclusive fee. This may be your best option if you have a very high profile celebrity story with pictures as you can demand a high fee and choose your favourite publication.

Possible downsides are you have to approach each publication yourself and they are not going to help you get your story published elsewhere such as a magazine. You also need an idea of how much your story is worth . Hollywood star stories can be worth thousands and sell world wide but despite many adverts, true life stories mostly earn in the hundreds so beware agencies who promise probable thousands for a true life story specific to the UK .

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