Gift your mother a health insurance policy this Mother’s Day

Gift your mother a health insurance policy this Mother’s Day

Mothers symbolise unconditional love and affection, and their existence is eternal. In sickness and health, in times of trouble and stress, you can always count on your life-giver to stand by you. Your mother lends you a helping hand and imparts sound advice. However, their body needs rest after a certain age as they become more vulnerable to certain diseases and health-related issues.

The medical expenses can be a bit overwhelming to get the desired treatment, and thus, gifting your mother a personalised health insurance plan is a good idea. The ideal way to take care of your mother’s healthcare needs is to opt for a customised health insurance plan.

Why is health insurance important for your mother?

Personal health insurance serves as a financial umbrella for the insured person, and in this case, it’s your mother. Buying a health insurance policy for your mother will enable you to ensure the best medical facilities and treatment for her in times of need. All you must do is be regular with your premiums, and you can save a considerable amount in potential healthcare costs.

Here are some advantages of health insurance:

1. Availability of treatment in-network hospitals

Insurance companies partner with hospitals to provide cashless treatments to customers. Bajaj Finance Health Insurance plans come with a vast network of hospitals that offer cutting-edge facilities with provisions for cashless claims. If your mother is ill or needs hospital care, you must pick the network hospital closest to you and give your policy credentials. The entire process will be cashless; from admission to treatment and discharge, you’ll be worry-free. You don’t even have to contact your health insurance company for reimbursement. Network hospitals also offer discounts on most, if not all, services.

2. Coverage for pre-existing disease

Our immunity to fight disease reduces as we age. Also, in present times with unpredictable healthcare circumstances, keeping care of your health is extremely important. Therefore, when choosing an insurance policy for your mother, you must look for one with coverage for pre-existing diseases. Ensure that the policy you purchase covers pre-existing illnesses, even though it may come at a relatively higher premium and need more documentation. Do note that most insurance providers offer coverage for pre-existing conditions only after a waiting period of 18-24 months.

3. Pre- and post-hospitalisation coverage

Most personal health insurance plans cover hospitalisation costs up to a specific period. But not every illness requires hospitalisation. Certain long-standing conditions such as diabetes, gout, and hypertension are chronic and require regular medication/treatment.

There may be occasions when your mother may have to undergo diagnostic tests, visit a doctor for consultation, etc.; all these can be expensive. Medicines and drugs are also a costly proposition these days.

Therefore a health insurance plan for your mother should compulsorily include OPD visits and other pre-hospitalisation costs. Also, check if the policy provides ambulance facilities and coverage for AYUSH treatment and in-house care.

4. Keeps one financially secured

Being prepared with the right health insurance plan is the best way to tackle unforeseen medical emergencies rather than dipping into your savings or encashing your other assets. The mental relief of knowing that the health needs of your mother and your finances are both secure is a bonus. You do not have to rely on any additional financial liability in case of any medical emergency in the family.

5. Other benefits

Many health plans, such as those from Bajaj Finance Limited, offer extras like free ambulance services, day-care facilities, free health checks, and special vaccination drives. A health insurance policy for your mother may also include free annual tests to identify disease risk factors and catch problems at an early stage. Using network hospitals gives you access to discounts on OPD services, laboratory and radiology charges, and even on medicines purchased from approved pharmacies.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate the woman in your life by buying her a comprehensive health insurance plan and giving the gift of good health to her. Bajaj Finance Limited Health Insurance policy is the right way to ensure timely and appropriate medical treatment for your mother.

It can be a small gift to a mother for the unconditional love, care and affection that she showers over her lifetime. This insurance cover will ensure that she can get the best treatment without any financial burden in case of any unfortunate medical emergency. At Bajaj Finance Limited, we also provide health insurance plans for families to help you seek adequate and comprehensive coverage for yourself and your family.

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