Best Online Psychics – Top 4 Psychic Reading Websites Of 2022

Best Online Psychics – Top 4 Psychic Reading Websites Of 2022

Online psychic readings have taken over the digital space since the pandemic. People are turning towards fortune telling for all sorts of things. You might want to consult divination charts to get rich, find romance, or pursue happiness.

Whatever the reason, a psychic reader can guide you towards a better pathway. They can ease your worries and clear your doubts about the future. These mystic encounters open the door for new opportunities in life.

You’ve got to keep an open mind and believe in the truthful readings.

A psychic reading online brings the magic of the spiritual realm to your digital doors. There are multiple platforms to choose from for these cosmic consultations. We select the top-rated sites to ensure your first experience meets expectations. We also share tips and tricks about booking a consultation and receiving a good reading.

Here’s everything you should know:

Not all psychic reading online sites are alike. Some platforms offer various services for divination enthusiasts, while others focus on a single psychic medium and their skills. As beginners, you might consider portals that deliver on diversity. The versatility allows you to explore psychic online options before committing to one psychic reader.

It’s also much cheaper to meet reliable live psychics through these recommended psychic readings websites than to pay thousands to meet a single specialist. In this respect, we recommend that you book a free psychic reading online with one of our top picks.

Each network has something unique and valuable to offer to individuals invested in divination-led interventions.

Here’s a preview of their key aspects and offerings:

Top 4 Websites For a Psychic Reading Online

1. Kasamba – Most Trustworthy & 100% Accurate Love Readings (3 Free Trial Minutes + 70% Off for New Users)

2. Psychic Source – Top Rated Psychics for Career & Financial Predictions (3 Free Minutes + 75% Discount Deal)

3. California Psychics – Popular Psychics for Spiritual Uplifting & Life Guidance

4. Keen Psychics – Best Option for Online Psychic Readings for Beginners ( Free Minutes Trial for New Members)

The discounts sound tempting, right? Free psychics are always an excellent incentive for beginner trials. Yet, there’s more to psychic reading online than meets the eye. You can’t select a specialized service based solely on budget.

We recommend digging deeper to find the true essence of the site to discover your potential. Like most commercialized spaces on the internet, these forums bring something unique to your life. Embrace their eccentric features by diving into divination with phone psychics and gurus that dominate niche areas of the mystic circles.

Our comprehensive reviews simplify your choices.

Here’s what each psychic readings site has to offer:

1. Kasamba: The Top-Rated Portal for Love Readings

Find out what makes Kasamba click among couples and singletons alike
Find out what makes Kasamba click among couples and singletons alike

Are you looking for a way to get back with your ex? Need a nudge to ask your office crush on a date? Wondering whether cupid will strike again? Or maybe you’re already in love and wondering what the next step entails.

Fret, not hopeful romantics because Kasamba knows the lover’s lane very well. They have been running this business for over two decades, after all.

The network has a psychic reader and love psychics for every romantic conflict and confusion these days. These specialists are gifted, supportive, and non-judgmental. These qualities make them the perfect listeners for your happily-ever-after and the tragic turns it takes sometimes.

Here’s what makes couples and singletons click Kasamba:

A Psychic Match Wizard for Higher Compatibility

Before you find your one true love, you need to connect with a cosmic consultant that can answer your burning questions about romance.

Kasamba knows how fickle feelings can be regarding dating and marriage. The site has a built-in match wizard that pairs you with a compatible consultant. Readers are selected according to your mystic goals, expectations, budget, and divination style preferences. The time-saving tool sweeps in and matches you with the ideal consultants within a few seconds of your registration.

You’ve also got an excellent shot at building a long-term relationship with your mystic mentor. It all depends on how well the first session goes and what it unveils. We suggest comparing profiles and user testimonials if you have a change of heart midway.

Free Psychic Love Reading with Specialists

Free psychics are not a thing of the past but an evident element of the present offerings on Kasamba. Newcomers receive complimentary trials that last for three minutes for introductory sessions. The free psychic reading online lets you vent away without worrying about how much you’re spending.

In addition to the trial, you receive a 70% discount deal after you commit to another session. The call and chat features ensure that these meetings occur in a safe, well-monitored space for you. Plus, the interactive formats make it easier for you to utilize the free minutes offered by Kasamba fully.

Daily Astrology Readings & Horoscopes

Kasamba app brings you to live psychics and daily updates on your astrological progress. You can download the mobile application to receive regular notifications and horoscopes. People interested in zodiac compatibility can use this as a sign to make the next romantic move.

In contrast, individuals that aren’t looking for love can use these mystic messages to practice mindfulness and self-love. Learning to love oneself can eventually result in greater happiness and contentment. These attributes make you an independent person and someone who knows which type of relationship you deserve.

Key Features:

● Affordable services with top love gurus available for consultation

● Downloadable app for mobiles

● Free psychic love readings (3 Minutes) and 70% Discount for paid service

● Daily divination updates

● Experts in tarot and astrology

Learn more at Website

2. Psychic Source: The Right Choice for Career Forecasts

Psychic Source has decades of experience and a fantastic client support team helping them.
Psychic Source has decades of experience and a fantastic client support team helping them.

Whether you’re stuck in a boring 9-5 routine or struggling to make ends meet, Psychic Source can help. Use this platform to receive astrology readings, oracle card readings, and tarot interpretations that give you a glimpse of the future.

The credible site has decades of experience and a fantastic client support team helping them.

Here’s what makes it great:

The OG Psychic Reading Online Network

As a pioneering platform in the mystic industry, Psychic Source perfects digital divination. They provide ultra-secure payment channels and private chat rooms to ensure user safety. Additionally, the team expanded its service offerings to accommodate the growing needs of a tech-dependent public. This includes the introduction of:

● Real-time video call readings for more immersive interactions between user and practitioner

● A mobile-friendly app for higher accessibility and always-on services

● Free psychic reading online to help newcomers experience the magic before switching to paid mode

Aside from these features, Psychic Source has diversified services by bringing new and unique divination services into the virtual world. These include traditional practices like i-Ching, pet psychics, and no-tool clairvoyant consultations. Having access to different divination techniques on one platform makes the virtual experience more enriched and exciting.

Climb the Career Ladder with the Best Online Psychics

Your climb to the top doesn’t have to be alone. A psychic reader can stay by your side as a mentor and guide. You can use prophecies and dream interpretations to make decisions based on intuition.

The practitioner can help you determine whether your current career path utilizes your true potential. You can also learn about the profitability of financial investments related to real estate, stock market, bonds, etc. Alternatively, you can use this space to gain mental clarity and focus on professional development goals.

Authentic mystic advisors can use tarot, birth charts, crystal balls, and other tools to shed light on how your circumstances might change in the future.

Free Psychics and Budget-Friendly Offerings

Psychic Source invites newcomers to dabble in mysticism through exclusive free psychic readings. The introductory session lasts for three minutes and doesn’t cost a dime. It’s an excellent way to understand how chat rooms and telephonic systems work. You’ll know what to do while discussing your professional and personal problems with mystic advisors.

Psychic Source doesn’t ask for an over-the-top fee as far as prices go. It sticks to a reasonably rated price plan that charges people according to their skill level, specialization, and client reviews. The three-tier system marks prices per minute to ensure you pay as you go for these services.

What’s more? They have express buy and quick buy options to charge your credits automatically. Extended consultations aren’t interrupted when you run out of prepaid minutes. The amount you want to add can be pre-decided and adjusted through your account settings. These specifications make cash flow management easier for clients.

Key Features:

● Years of expertise

● On-demand divination services via mobile app

● Complimentary readings (3 Mins Only)

● Career and financial advice through divination tools

● A diverse range of services available for cosmic consultations

Learn More at Psychic Source Website

3. California Psychics: Your Source for Accurate Spiritual Readings

California Psychics maintains online safety by integrating credible cybersecurity practices like its counterparts.
California Psychics maintains online safety by integrating credible cybersecurity practices like its counterparts.

California Psychics has become highly popular because of its spiritually-charged sessions. While it provides a wide variety of divination services, none can compare to the wisdom and gratification offered by a spiritual psychic reading online.

The websitemaintains online safety by integrating credible cybersecurity practices like its counterparts. They also placed extra effort into tightening their security system and recruitment protocols. These two things prevent unwanted people from registering on the platform as it knows that any wrong publication or misconduct can harm its near-perfect reputation.

Here’s a closer look at how California Psychics maintains its credibility:

Best Online Psychics Guaranteed

California Psychics goes all out in canceling applications and making tough decisions concerning its affiliation and networking choices. Anyone who wants to become an advisor on this site must undergo assessments to test their competency, skills, and demeanor. If someone doesn’t meet standard requirements, they are passed on to more eligible candidates.

Site administrators go through experience and referrals to ensure that they hire genuine practitioners. Live assessments are also conducted to ensure that the chosen consultants have what it takes to take on virtual readings. The accuracy of psychic predictions gets assessed for further assurance.

Reawaken Your Spiritual Self by Consulting an Experienced Psychic Reader

Dream analysis and past life readings are only some spiritually-led divination services available on this mystic platform. Depending on how you feel, you can take various other directions for your sessions. These mystical discussions focus on your inner happiness and harmony more than anything else.

You can ask questions like:

1. Why do I feel so lost?

2. What can I do to regain lost faith and hope in life?

3. How can I manage my feeling of dread and sadness better?

4. Is there something specific I should focus on each day?

5. What can I do to gain more clarity?

Divine revelations can be insightful and profound. They show you a perspective of your life that you choose to ignore or never realize because of your worldly responsibilities. These predictions eventually play a pivotal role in transforming your life.

Free Psychic Reading Online & Low Priced Services

California Psychics goes as low as $1 per minute when charging for its paid services. Consultation payments vary from practitioner to practitioner. It depends on the mystic advisor’s frequency, dependability, and skills.

Most experienced advisors charge over $5/min, while newly appointed readers won’t charge more than $3/min. The price point doesn’t diminish the quality of readings you receive or the accuracy of each prediction.

Moreover, new users can earn a five-minute free psychic readings session through a promo code. Once the time runs out, you can decide whether you want to extend or end the reading.

Key Features:

● Spiritual and mindful readings

● Only 10% of practitioners pass the screening test

● A high authority site for divination

● Five-minute trial readings with promo code (ADD 5)

● Paid services begin at $1 per minute

Learn more at California Psychics Website

4. Keen: Beginner’s Choice to Find a Psychic Online

Keen Psychics merges modern aesthetics with traditional divination practices on its platform.
Keen Psychics merges modern aesthetics with traditional divination practices on its platform.

Keen Psychics hits all the right points regarding simplicity and user-friendliness. They make fortune telling approachable to a digitally-inclined generation. The platform serves as a one-stop-station for various divination services. The best online psychics can be accessed through live chat rooms whenever you’re interested in asking divination gurus something important.

A User-Oriented Layout for Psychic Reading Online

Keen Psychics has a simple web design with clickable features and well-categorized services. They also have a knowledge center with frequently asked questions. These specifications make it easier for new visitors to navigate and use the site as they want.

Additionally, they have a live chat support service available around the clock. You can ask the user support team questions about registration and recommendations and lodge complaints about technical glitches. The responsive team will address those queries promptly.

Fortune Telling Traditions Meet Modern Mystics

Keen Psychics merges modern aesthetics with traditional divination practices on its platform. You’ll find everything from ancient tarot card interpretations and crystal ball consultations to energy work and oracle card readings. The varying choices make your experience on this fantastic forum more intriguing.

You can choose between phone call sessions and instant messaging to converse with your designated clairvoyant. A downloadable mobile app allows you to stay in touch with mystic advisors 24/7. This paves the way for impromptu sessions whenever you want through in-app calls and text messages. The flexibility and feasibility of these services earn the website more traction than old-school competitors.

Budget Plans for Better Accessibility

Keen Psychics doesn’t offer conventional free psychic readings. You are requested to sign up for a paid membership. Newcomers receive a $10 credit back that you can utilize for your consultation. You are then directed toward well-reputed and verified practitioners that can help you deal with challenges in life.

The versatility of services allows you to select anything you want with a few clicks. The service charges are deducted per minute. This allows users to choose between straightforward and short readings or extended conversations. You can consult advisors regularly or use the platform as a one-time-only experience.

It all depends on what you want at that moment.

Key Features

● Ease of use and seamless navigation system

● A no-fuss registration system

● Budget-friendly services

● Great range and top-notch advisors

● Mobile app available for Android and iOS software

Learn more at Website

People Often Ask: Are Online Psychic Readings Safe?

These days even the best psychics offer complimentary trials to beat the competition. These short sessions give new users a glimpse of the mystic world. You can choose any divination service you want for your introductory meeting.

Selecting a credible site ensures that the free psychic readings you opt for are secure and safe. These platforms usually affiliate with a psychic reader who has experience and skills. This person must know how to build an excellent rapport to make clients feel at ease.

More importantly, most sites ask registered online psychics to sign an official agreement. These practitioners are asked to follow strict user privacy laws. These include rules about keeping the content of each reading confidential. Arranging offline and real-world meetups are also not allowed. Site administrators monitor sessions to ensure practitioners are on their best behavior during virtual consultations.

Therefore, we can say that complimentary free psychic readings are safe and risk-free. Knowing how to utilize the given time requires practice. New users might experience adjustment issues if the site doesn’t have a user-friendly layout or the free psychics are non-cooperative. These are some factors to keep in mind when you begin your trial.

Let’s look at some other questions you might have about a psychic reading online:

How to Book a Psychic Reading Online?

It’s simple to schedule a trial reading on any of the platforms listed within this article. They might have slightly different protocols to sign up for a membership.

Yet, some similarities remain.

We discuss these factors below to schedule free psychic readings:

1. Sign up by sharing your contact details (i.e., name, birth date, phone number, and email address)

2. Select a payment method and your credit card details (alternative rules may apply for different sites)

3. Browse through the profiles of available mystic advisors to compare user ratings and skill levels.

4. Choose the consultant that draws your attention.

5. Start your free psychic readings through chat psychics or phone psychics.

Alternatively, you can use built-in compatibility tools to find an advisor that matches your interests. Either way, you’re in control of choosing the practitioners for your free psychic readings. You can book paid services with the same person or opt for another advisor. It takes less than five minutes to schedule an appointment and flexible timings.

Moreover, you can use the callback option if you or the advisor missed a scheduled meeting. This flexibility makes online services convenient for many mystic seekers.

Which Questions Should You Avoid Asking a Psychic Reader?

Even the best psychics have a list of dos and don’ts for questions during a consultation. Some psychic mediums draw the line between evaluating your relations and using tarot for personal vendetta you may have against someone.

Likewise, inquiring about your death isn’t a wise move. It can result in disastrous consequences where you are too scared to live your life fully due to an ominous sign revealed in the cards. You should also avoid asking the same question repeatedly to get a different prediction. Your readings will not change until your inner being, or the planetary movements do.

Hence, it’s futile to try and change fate before you’re supposed to experience a life-altering event.

Lastly, medical questions are off the table. Healthline discusses the therapeutic benefits of spiritual readings via tarot, healing crystals, and charms. While these advantages have a calming effect on your anxiety-ridden mind, these sessions are not equivalent to therapy.

Instead, you can consider them as complementary techniques that support medication and any form of science-backed treatment you may need. Adopting and incorporating both types of consultations in your life leads to holistic healing. It can allow you to balance your body, mind, and soul.

Viewing live psychics from this perspective will help you form better queries for your free psychic readings. Consequently, it will result in higher accuracy and contentment.

Can You Stay Anonymous During a Free Psychic Reading?

Yes, you may use anonymous chat rooms for your trial reading if you’re uncomfortable with sharing your real identity. Some platforms allow you to use pseudonyms and initials for your usernames. They also keep account details hidden from your consultant. These features allow you to experience an anonymous reading during the introductory session.

You can continue to stay anonymous by having a generic display picture and only using your initials if the reader asks. The same rule applies to anyone you mention during the session. Use their nicknames, initials, or made-up names when referring to your significant other, coworker, boss, or other people.

You may try this during phone psychic readings. However, you might have to monitor your voice and what you say. Some users might find that challenging compared to reviewing what they tip before sending it during chat psychic readings.

These preventive measures might seem extreme to some people. Yet, they are an excellent way to pursue divination when you are not fully committed to a regular consultation. It also feels safe for introverts who might be hesitant about sharing intimate details about their lives with a stranger.

How to Spot a Fake Psychic Reader?

The popularity of online psychics has resulted in an uptick in insincere cases of con artists acting as mystic advisors. They lure you in with fake sites and promises of breaking curses or brewing strong love potions to help you find your one true love. These gimmicks might attract targeted audiences, but eventually, clients catch on to the lies.

Here are tell-tale signs of an unauthentic psychic reading that you should watch out for:

● Inexperienced practitioners ask many questions about you instead of focusing on what the cards say

● You only receive vague and incomplete answers from fraudulent

● They have high prices with no reasonable rating system to show transparency

● Users are directed towards unauthorized sites for payments which turns out to be a running scam

● A website typically has grammatical errors or clickable ads that lead to cheap sites when you access scam sites for online psychic readings

Aside from this, trial readings on unauthorized accounts are less than a minute. That only gives you time to introduce yourself to the advisor and vice versa. Due to this, you wind up paying extra dollars for a shoddy session.

You can evade these tricky sites by registering to portals and networks that have a worldwide presence. Also, compare prices, user ratings, and genuine reviews to determine whether online psychics on a site are real or fake.

Which Type of Psychic Reading Should You Choose?

Online platforms provide users with multiple services. We recommend choosing something relevant to your query for your free trial. In this way, your introductory session will go and any paid consultation.

Here are tips on selecting the right psychic online:

1. Do you have career-related questions? Tarot readings and astrological readings offer great insights into your professional trajectory.

2. Are you feeling lost and uncertain about your current circumstances? Spiritual readings help you connect to your inner core. You can gain strength, positivity, and natural calmness through these consultations.

3. Do you want luck by your side? Numerology readings can help turn things around for the better through specific sequences and numeral patterns.

As shown above, each divination tool and technique has a purpose. You can always ask the user support team and platform representatives for guidance if you’re unsure about your choice. They will schedule a mystic meeting with the right practitioner for you.

What to Expect from Your Online Psychic Readings?

Introductory sessions begin with a quick Q and A between you and the practitioner. You will most likely use the first half of your reading to explain your circumstances or ask them about their preferred divination style.

One must remember that most complimentary consultations with phone and chat psychics are conducted in a limited timeframe. You need to play your cards tactfully by asking precise and straightforward answers to receive an appropriate response. Otherwise, your trial will end before you hear the entire prophecy.

Even if you manage to hear everything, there’s a chance a follow-up session after your free psychic reading will be necessary. It will give you a complete picture of where your life’s headed and what you need to do to accomplish specific professional and personal development goals. Conversely, you can use it to track your progress.

Moreover, keep an open mind during your complimentary session. You might hear something you don’t want or have trouble understanding the mystic message. Your willingness to accept different opinions and embrace life choices drastically different from planned events can be advantageous during the readings.

It leaves more scope for you to follow all the possibilities psychic predictions present.

Are Online Psychic Readings Better Than a “Psychic Reading Near Me”?

Psychic readings have gained traction post-pandemic due to the massive influx of people seeking divination-led advice online.

When comparing digital divination to searches for a “psychic near me,” one needs to look at the pricing, practices, and practitioner. Virtual networks have the edge over in-person encounters because they offer affordable phone psychic readings.

In contrast, local advisors can charge a fortune in some instances.

Then there are the divination practices available for pursuit in the real world vs. on virtual forums. You’ll realize pretty early that “psychics near me” have limited skills, and they often provide traditional options like astrological readings, crystal balls, numerology readings, etc. In comparison, you experience a mix of traditional and modern rituals through online psychics. There are many niche divination techniques you can explore when you venture on the web because of the versatility of virtual networks.

Moreover, psychic mediums are often booked and busy in the real world. Digital platforms ensure that your dedicated consultant reaches out to you through callback features. You can also schedule a meeting with another verified practitioner if your favorites are unavailable. This makes online services more approachable and flexible than a “psychic near me.” Due to this reason, you might prefer it over traditional face-to-face setups.

Are You Ready to See What Your Future Holds?

In the end, a free psychic reading could be your golden ticket to prosperity and happiness. Digital divination makes this opportunity more accessible as you schedule online psychic readings whenever and wherever you like.

Registering to virtual networks that offer these services allows you to stay connected with dedicated practitioners around the clock. You go beyond the introductory meetings and form a well-grounded connection with the mystic advisor. These long-term mystic mentorships can maximize the accuracy of most psychic readings.

Our guide directs you towards safe and secure forums for consulting the best psychics working online. Use this information to connect with compatible consultants that can lead you toward an enlightened path.

Good luck!


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