Exclusive: Soha Ali Khan spills the beans on 5 superfoods that she swears by eating on empty stomach

Exclusive: Soha Ali Khan spills the beans on 5 superfoods that she swears by eating on empty stomach

Fans and fitness enthusiasts can vouch how Bollywood actor-writer Soha Ali Khan kept everyone glued to her robust yet fun core workout sessions in daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu‘s playroom all throughout the Covid-19 lockdowns and beyond. Last year in August, Soha had revealed, “I have taken my core for granted my whole life, until now. After a baby and 4 decades under my belt I finally felt the need to strengthen my mid-section – it’s not just about having a flat tummy – it’s about balance, stability and allowing your body to function to its best ability (sic).”

She finally started taking her core workouts very seriously and her exercise videos ever since have been fitness motivation for all the mommies out there. However, few know that the 43-year-old’s recent core workouts on Instagram are not the only step that are fuelling her ageing-like-fine-wine looks as she claims to have been very conscious about what she eats since she was young.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Soha shared, “Since I was young, I have been very conscious about what I eat. The pandemic has surely made us realise the importance of following a diet that not only nourishes the body but also supports the immune system. Additionally, breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day as it gives us the energy to be active throughout the day. This makes it imperative to choose the right things to eat in the morning.”

She added, “Although foods like coffee accompanied by butter and jam toast with a few scrambled eggs on the side are some of the most classic breakfast combinations and delicious at the same time but there are a few superfoods that I enjoy having in an empty stomach.” Here are 5 superfoods that Soha swears by eating on empty stomach.

1. Warm water and honey – Soha revealed, “Without fail, every morning I drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and half a lemon. My mother used to drink this as this combination is known to improve digestion and immunity. Unlike other drinks for weight loss, the honey, lemon and water mix has very few calories, hence it is one of my favourites.”

2. Chia seeds – “Everyone is aware of how tiny these seeds are yet they are an overdose of several nutrients. I like eating them when they have been soaked overnight. Chia seeds have the ability to expand in your stomach and keep you fuller for longer,” she shared

3. Watermelon – Always the one to believe that fruits are a good option to eat for breakfast, watermelons top the list for Soha, especially in the summers. She said, “Watermelon provides a great dose of hydration to the body. The best part about this fruit is that it not only prevents sugar cravings but is also low on calories.”

4. Almonds – Gushing over their benefits, Soha said, “Nuts like almonds are high in copper, zinc, iron and many more nutrients. Making them one of the best options to eat every morning. Without fail, I give almonds to everyone in my family before breakfast since almonds are a healthy source of energy which in return keeps everyone active. Apart from that, almonds also possess several benefits in terms of glowing skin, heart health, diabetes and much more.”

5. Papaya – Soha confessed that on most days she looks forward to eating papaya as this fruit is a rich source of fibre. As recommended by her fitness trainer, Soha revealed that she usually keeps a gap of 45 minutes between papaya intake and breakfast to allow this fruit time to work on her body.


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