Ankita Konwar does yoga in craziest places for new workout video, Milind Soman reacts: Watch inside

Ankita Konwar does yoga in craziest places for new workout video, Milind Soman reacts: Watch inside

It is a well-known fact that Milind Soman and his wife, Ankita Konwar, both love working out. The couple love including various workout routines, including running, yoga, strength training and more, in their daily exercise schedule. Like Milind, Ankita also shares snippets from her journey to remain fit and healthy. Moreover, tough conditions never stop her from exercising. The 30-year-old can even work out in the craziest places if the situation demands the same. And her new video backs our claim.

On Saturday, Ankita took to her Instagram page to post a video of herself practising yoga in the ‘craziest places’. The fitness enthusiast confessed that she practised yoga in both ‘serene and not so serene places’ as she travels a lot. Ankita captioned the video, “In my frequent travel demanding life, I have practised yoga in some crazy places! From the most serene to some not so serene places. Here are a few of my #IOnceDidItAt moments. What is the craziest place you’ve done it at?” (Also Read: Milind Soman’s 83-year-old mother riding bicycle after 25 years is the fitness motivation you need: Ankita Konwar reacts)

The video begins with Ankita, dressed in a black jacket teamed with a printed pink sports bra and yoga pants, practising yoga in a garden, on the road, on a riverbank, and on a sidewalk. She practised yoga poses like the Natarajasana or Dancer Pose, Vrikshasana or Tree Pose, a variation of Surya Namaskars, Phalakasana or the Plank Pose and Malasana.

After Ankita posted the clip, many of her followers liked and commented on the post. Milind Soman also hearted the video and dropped his reaction in the comments. The 56-year-old wrote, “You look amazing [heart and heart-eye emojis],” and Ankita replied with kiss emojis. Another user wrote, “Wow amazing.”

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga has several benefits for the mind and body. It improves strength, balance and flexibility, helps with back pain relief, eases arthritis symptoms, boosts heart health, relaxes the body, corrects sleep cycle, increases blood flow and metabolism, and lowers blood sugar levels.

Meanwhile, Ankita Konwar, 30, is married to Milind Soman, 56. The couple tied the knot in 2018 in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family.


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