Lakshmi Manchu is exploring her inner peace with these yoga asanas

Lakshmi Manchu is exploring her inner peace with these yoga asanas

Lakshmi Manchu is a fitness motivation. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, keeps sharing fresh fitness goals for us on a regular basis. Lakshmi’s Instagram profile is replete with pictures and videos of herself engrossed in several workout positions. Lakshmi swears by high intensity workouts, yoga and Kalaripayattu. The actor recently started learning Kalaripayattu – an Indian martial art form – and keeps sharing snippets of her practice sessions on her Instagram profile. From demonstrating several kalarippayattu stances to sharing glimpses of her routine with her trainer, the actor never fails to give us fitness inspo.

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Lakshmi, a day back, started her week on the right foot with several yoga asanas. Lakshmi, when not working, is usually spotted in the quaint corners of her living room or her gym working out. A day back, the actor shared a slew of pictures of herself engrossed in various yoga asanas in her living room. In the first picture, the actor can be seen performing an asana with her legs folded and her head touching the yoga mat with her chest elevated from the floor. In another picture, the actor can be seen balancing her body on her shoulders and her hands with her upper body pushed upwards with her legs folded. In one of the pictures, Lakshmi can be seen balancing her body on her palms and her feet. “Exploring my inner peace,” the actor captioned her pictures with these words. Take a look at the yoga asanas performed by Lakshmi here:

Yoga comes with multiple health benefits. It helps in improving the strength, balance and flexibility of the body. It also helps in easing arthritis symptoms and back pain. Yoga also helps in improving the cardiovascular health. Practising yoga on a daily basis also helps in relaxing the body and boosting sleep.


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