For a food-filled Eid-Al-Adha celebration

For a food-filled Eid-Al-Adha celebration

New Delhi

No festival is complete with food and Eid-Al-Adha is no different. From a variety of mutton dishes to sweets, there are preparations to tickle all the taste buds. The must have traditional recipes includes sheer khurma, shami kebab, awadhi biryani, qurma, seviyan kheer, kebabs, kaleji and much more.

“Eid is all about elaborative dishes. During Bakra eid we have mutton in abundance, so most of the items prepared use mutton as its ingredient. It’s believed that one must use all the parts of sacrificed animal/s. So, except for the blood and horns, we use all other parts. The skin is given to the butcher and one portion of the meat is given to the needy. From the remaining mutton, various delicacies are prepared. First item to be used is kaleji, so most of the household prepares kaleji as the first dish. The celebration continues for three days, and the meat is used accordingly. At my home, we make kaleji and have it with parantha, then we cook mutton chops for dinner. For mutton chop, meat is marinated with a  paste made with papaya. Other food includes biryani, bihari kebabs, sheer khurma and more,” says chef Sadaf Hussain.

There is overuse of ghee to prepare these delicacies, so if you want to make healthy preparations, follow these tips. “Since people have become health conscious these days, therefore, a healthy twist to Eid food can be given easily. Minimise the use of extra fats and oil. Instead of refined sugar, we can use jaggery and sugar-free sweeteners.  Use almond milk instead of full cream to make desserts and shallow fry the starters instead of deep-frying. And lastly, use clarified butter in savory dishes,” says Vivek Rana, executive chef, The Claridges, New Delhi.The hotel is offering special delicacies  through delivery service till July 11th.

To make some quick recipes that are delicious and can be cooked in less time, executive chef from Vivanta Dwarka New Delhi, Rishikesh Rai suggested preparing Khada Masala Ghost. “You just have to mix all the ingredients together such as black pepper, cinnamon, bay leaf, chilli powder, turmeric, coriander, turmeric powder, marinated mutton (with curd and mustard oil)while making this dish. The most important aspect is to get a premium quality meat.” It takes 45 minutes in total.  



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